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Meet Your Guides

To help you navigate your Planet-Friendly Pitch, we've assembled a small but mighty team of coaches who've been right where you are—at the beginning of their ecopreneurship adventures with nothing but passion for their planet and a whole lot to learn!

Our coaches have either worked to build and launch their own planet-friendly businesses in the past or bring a specialist knowledge key to unlocking your potential in the Planet-Friendly Pitch Challenge. 

These green-natured coaches will:

Provide helpful, encouraging feedback on your ecopreneurial efforts.

Participate in our expert panel when it comes time to select five lucky innovators to go all the way to The Villars Symposium in June!

Share their stories of purpose with you in webinars that run across the timetable of this experience.

Get hands-on with those who join one of our 'Canvas Clinic' sessions. Helping you expand on your ideas and sharpen those pitches.

Setting up For Success

Tim Kim

Tim's a B-Corp (business for good) founder and advisor to businesses of all shapes and sizes on how to build digital businesses the right way. Co-creator of 'The Good Future Factory' and ‘’, he also happens to be a member of Team ITZA and lead designer of the Planet-Friendly Pitch Challenge!

With plenty of experience coaching cohorts of intrepid young, soon-to-be startup founders, Tim believes that the planet-conscious ecopreneurs of tomorrow (that's you!) are critical to our future.

B-Corp Founder, Digital Product Pro.
“I’m really looking forward to jumping into a Canvas Clinic with all you intrepid ecopreneurs and helping out!”

Darren Wilson

Ecopreneur & Founder of Kabloom

Darren is a true ecopreneur. He has combined his passion and purpose with expertise in consumer product design to found Kabloom, a maker of fun, innovative, and environmentally friendly products inspired by our interactions with nature and the urban environment.

Kabloom's goal is to design products that reconnect people with nature, even in a small way, to get people outside and create nature and colour in their cities for the benefit of everyone.

"It's essential that we try to design products that don't end up in landfills someday. I'm looking forward to seeing how well you consider 'circularity' in your Planet-Friendly pitches."

Where to Next?

Jump into 'Ecopreneurship 101' and prime yourself for the challenge.

Read our Expert FAQ for details on timings for online talks and Canvas Clinics.

Check out the Webinar on April 11th below:

Check out the Canvas Clinic on April 25th below:

Read our Expert FAQ for details on timings for online talks and Canvas Clinics.

Add a Title

Daniel Cohen Stuart

Daniel is, in his own words, an 'impact entrepreneur'. Having founded a circular and regenerative fashion brand, Daniel now helps organisations around the world adopt responsible growth strategies and improve their sustainability records via impact consultancy, 'BR-ND People'. 

Impact Entrepreneur & Sustainability Consultant
"Being young in a world so rife with complex issues is a challenge. How do you choose what to work on when everything seems so important?"
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