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Introducing The Future Fellows Experience

We need to face facts; our planet is in grave peril on multiple fronts, and all our futures are under threat until green, long-term thinking is the default for modern business rather than the exception.

Putting planetary health ahead of profit is one of the essential acts of the 'ecopreneur'—an entrepreneur who prioritises green solutions to their customers' problems and a sustainable purpose over maximising the money they make for themselves. 

To encourage as many young people as possible to consider the ecopreneur's path, ITZA has teamed up with The Villars Institute to bring you The Future Fellows Experience.

Over six weeks from April 1st, you'll have the chance to learn the basics of ecopreneurship and tackle a planet-friendly business challenge of your own, with help from our expert guides and our challenge chatbot, ‘CiCi’. If your pitch really stands out you could earn the ultimate Future Fellows reward - a place at this year's prestigious Villars Symposium.

Did you know?

Ecopreneurs help to fuel growth in the green economy, with green jobs now growing nearly TWICE as fast as the number of people with the skills to fill them.

- World Economic Forum

An Eco Experience in Three Acts

Get Hands-on Help From Our Expert Guides

  • Dig deeper into your entrepreneurship and sustainable business thinking with the help of our expert guides.

  • They'll be on hand to offer fresh perspectives on key topics through a series of online talks and give you practical pointers on your Planet-Friendly Pitches through a series of 'Canvas Clinics', too.

Get to Grips With Ecopreneurship

Learn about its fundamentals, how it's different from 'everyday entrepreneurship,' and how to start your own planet-friendly startup journey.

Tackle Your Own 'Planet-Friendly Pitch'

  • Use our custom canvas tools built for budding ecopreneurs like you to take a practical turn at pitching an eco-friendly business idea that's fit for the future.

  • Those who really put in the work to bring a planet-friendly pitch to life will also earn recognition for their ecopreneurial efforts with the ITZA 'Promising Ecopreneur' credential.

The Future Fellows Experience consists of three related elements:

If your Planet-Friendly Pitch stands out from the crowd, you could earn one of 5 spots at the 2024 Villars Symposium. A multi-day event in Switzerland this summer hosted by our experience sponsor, The Villars Institute - where some of the World's most environmentally active experts, educators, and entrepreneurs team up with future green leaders like you to tackle today's biggest planetary challenges head-on. 

What are you waiting for? Jump in and discover just how bright the ecopreneur's spirit burns in you!

Be 1 of 5 Ultimate Future fellows That Head to Switzerland This Summer

Where to Next?

Get to mastering the basics of Ecopreneurship.

Learn more about the Planet Friendly Pitch challenge.

Dive into the Future Fellows Experience in detail.

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