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Go Deep on
Environmental Issues

What are today's most critical environmental challenges? What planetary challenge might be most impactful in 10, 20, 50 years?


Building a deep understanding of at least one major environmental challenge is a great place to start your ecopreneurship journey. That’s what our Futurecast Canvas is all about.

Master Emerging Tech

Many of today's biggest and baddest advancements in tech - from autonomous vehicles to robotics and artificial intelligence - have a high potential to impact the environment positively.

Provided that they are designed and used in a sustainable, ethical manner themselves. Get informed on the latest in environmental/green tech and technology advancements in general to see if you can find a new and novel edge.

Study Success Stories

Many brilliant ecopreneurial, planet-first businesses are already out there making an impact. We just need a whole lot more of them!

Explore the best of the existing eco-friendly companies - from the small but mighty to multinational mega-businesses - and understand what makes them unique.  

Get Out in The Green

Startup guru Steve Blank famously called for entrepreneurs to 'get out of the building'. Urging them to meet people in the flesh and understand their real-world problems before trying to build a business to serve them.

Getting out in the wild and meeting people impacted directly by environmental challenges right now, is a great way to discover a problem worth solving and not yet solved. 

Get Connected

Saving the planet is a team effort. As a budding ecopreneur with everything to learn and a life of green venturing ahead of you, finding existing experts, enthusiasts and communities that care about the same planetary problems as you is a great place to start.

Every new conversation with someone who shares your passion and is already active in making the world greener is an opportunity for growth!

Seek Out Systems 

Fascinating discoveries happen when we visualise our ecopreneurial ideas and their impacts as part of an intricate and interconnected system. How will your concept influence your customers, society, the economy, and the environment at different levels and in different ways?

When you begin to predict how those impacts could change over time, you create incredibly fertile ground where the seeds of your planet-friendly ideas can sprout! Jump into the Futurecast Canvas and try for yourself.

It's all very well having a passion for sustainable business, but where do budding ecopreneurs go when looking for innovative ideas that match their mission? Here are a few critical approaches for you to combine as you explore your own Planet-Friendly Pitch.

How do You Discover New Business Ideas With Planet-Positive Potential?

Think of an environmental issue that affects you and your local community. What planet-positive business potential might there be in the challenges you see?

Next up:
Big-picture puzzles

Now you’ve explored the basics of  Ecopreneurship, it’s time to find out how exploring the interconnectedness of things can help the best ecopreneurs find their edge.

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